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Home decoration with caution 10 colors


Many people worry about home color with, do not know how to match a simple and not simple home. Some people think that the color the better, it is lively warm, some people think that the best use of a color is simple and generous. In fact, the color is very simple, as long as the following ten laws, you can decorate the home of both color and not cumbersome. 


Home decoration with caution 10 colors



1.Do not decorate the restaurant with blue

Blue, is a kind of reverie of the color of the traditional blue is often a modern decorative design of the tropical style of the embodiment of the blue also has the ability to regulate nerves, sedative and soothing. Blue fresh and elegant, with a variety of fruit But also not sedentary, but should not be used in the restaurant or kitchen, blue dining table or placemat on the food, always better than the warm environment watching appetite; at the same time do not in the restaurant built incandescent or blue mood lights, scientific experiments prove , Blue light will make food look not attractive, but as a bathroom decoration can enhance the sense of mystery and privacy 

Home decoration with caution 10 colors


2.Black and white ratio

Black and white with the room is very modern, is the choice of some fashion people.But if the black and white in the room than the use of it seems too fancy, and for a long time in this environment, will be dazzling, nervous, irritability, It is best to white, local to other colors for the embellishment, the space becomes bright and comfortable, while both taste and taste.

Home decoration with caution 10 colors


3.Purple will give the room a sense of depression

Purple, giving the feeling seems to be quiet, fragile and slim, always gives unlimited romantic association, the pursuit of fashion people most respected purple, but a large area of purple will make the overall spatial darkness, resulting in a sense of depression. Do not put in the room or room where you need a cheerful atmosphere, which will make the person in it have a feeling of helplessness, if you really like, you can in the room as a decorative highlights, such as the corner of the bedroom, bathroom Between the curtains and other small places.


Home decoration with caution 10 colors


4.Pink will bring people irritability

Pink, easy to make people feel irritable. Some newly married couples in order to adjust the new home atmosphere, like to use pink to create a romantic.However, the strong pink will make people have been in the state of excitement, after a period of time, living in which People will feel inexplicable Firelight, easy to mix mouth, causing irritability. Recommended pink as a decorative interior decorations appear, or the concentration of the color dilution, a touch of pink walls or wallpaper can make the room into a warm. 

Home decoration with caution 10 colors


5.Red can not be a long time as the main color of space

Chinese people think that red is auspicious color, since ancient times, the wedding of the hi room is full of red glowing red also has a warm, unrestrained meaning, full of burning power, but the room too much red too heavy eye, Resulting in dizzy feeling, even if the wedding, can not let the room for a long time in the red under the main tone.

It is recommended to choose red in the use of soft decoration, such as curtains, bedding, by bag, etc., and with a touch of beige or fresh white with, you can make people refreshed, more prominent red festive atmosphere.


Home decoration with caution 10 colors


6.Do not decorate the room with a single gold

Golden shine, showing a bold and publicity personality, in the simple white lining, the visual will be very clean, but the gold is the most likely to reflect the color of one of the light, glittering environment on the people's attention to the largest and easy Make people nervous high tension, easy to relax.

It is recommended to avoid a large area using a single golden decorative room, can be used as wallpaper, soft curtain on the decorative color; in the bathroom wall, you can use the gold mosaic with cold white or stainless steel.In order to make the room environment more affinity, May wish to put some green in the corner of the small potted plants, so that the room full of fun.

Home decoration with caution 10 colors


7.Orange will affect sleep quality

Orange or orange, is vibrant, vibrant color, is the harvest season of the unique color.It is not easy to use it in the bedroom quiet, is not conducive to sleep.But the orange used in the living room will be To create a cheerful atmosphere at the same time, orange has the role of appetite, so it is also decorated the ideal color of the restaurant will be orange and chocolate or beige together is also very comfortable, clever combination of color is the pursuit of fashionable young people bold attempt.

Home decoration with caution 10 colors


8.Do not use yellow in the study

Yellow, cute and mature, elegant and natural, making this color is becoming popular. Fruit yellow with a gentle character; tallow yellow hair with the driving force; golden yellow to bring warm. Yellow also healthy people have a stable mood, But the long-term exposure to high purity yellow, people will have a lazy feeling, it is recommended in the living room and the restaurant decorated with some like the amount of yellow is most suitable for use in the study, it will slow down the speed of thinking .

Home decoration with caution 10 colors


9.Black bogey large area use

Black, in the five elements of the water, is a very quiet color, so generally no one will use the black decoration of the bedroom wall.Many people use it in the bathroom, but also pay attention to the proportion of the proposed large area of black which is appropriate Of the golden, will appear both calm and luxurious sense; and with the white is the eternal classic; with the red when the atmosphere is strong and fiery, generally should be used in jewelry on the high purity red embellishment, mysterious and noble.



10.The brown color is not the ideal color for the restaurant and the children's room

The brown is a neutral warm color, it is elegant, simple, solemn and elegant, it rejects the honeymoon of gold tones, or the monotonous and mediocre of ivory, which itself is a subtle color, but it makes The restaurant is dull and melancholy, affecting the quality of the meal; also should not be used in children's room, dull color will make the child's character melancholy; also remember that the brown is not suitable for black.To avoid boring, you can use white, gray or beige Fill the color, make the brown play out of its glory.

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