Good news | Zhendi won the title of "Top Ten Brand in the Chinese Wallpaper Industry"


Recently, China Building Decoration Materials Association, China Building Decoration Materials Association wallpaper wall cloth chapter released“2016-2017Top ten brand in the Chinese wallpaper industry”,Zhendi won the title of“Top Ten Brand in the Chinese Wallpaper Industry”,ByUnique artistic value and good market reputation,In the home sector to write brilliant。


“Respect the original, to defend the original purpose. Its series of products are well-known foreign design studio original hand-drawn manuscripts for the original, true Tie wallpaper adhere to 100% original, every year from Italy, Britain, Germany, the design studio to buy the original painting over a thousand. By virtue of the excellent design concept, superb production process, and a variety of product style has won the love of consumers at home and abroad 。


(▲The picture shows Zhendi won“China's top ten brands of wallpaper industry ”)


Zhendi can be honored, this is the home sector on the true brand value of the high degree of recognition and recognition。


This is true of the family members of the real group who believe in innovation, integrity, service and altruism. This is derived from the entrepreneurial spirit of the family of Trinity, the perfection of craftsmen, and the use of strict standards to create high quality products ; This is derived from the real group of the family members adhere to the win-win cooperation attitude and mind。


Zhen Di invited you to join, and you are willing to walk together in the development of China's wallpaper industry's most front-end, leading the international development of China's wallpaper industry。


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