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March 2, 2017, the annual home decoration industry event.The 23rd China (Beijing) International Wallpaper Fabric carpets home soft decoration exhibition in Beijing International Exhibition Center (new museum) grand curtain call.Zhendi wallpaper sitting on more than 800 flat booth high-profile debut, display works exquisite rich, magnificent.



Zhendi part of the beautiful scenery between the show

Over the years, the real wallpaper has been pursuing the originalism, but also for the industry output countless wonderful works. This exhibition, Suzhou Zhendi launched eight series, 32 version of the original works. Whether from the color, tricks, crafts and other different angles to watch, true Tie wallpaper is a carefully polished art of art.


Pure American classical wind blowing to the Beijing exhibition, which is Suzhou Zhendi and focus on more than 40 years of wallpaper industry experience in Canada CSD studio series of works-MYSTIQUE, they have a classical American style has a more profound understanding and understanding,


Hand-painted series of wallpaper is called woven in the wall art, painted on the wall of luxury.The art of weaving and painting on the wall. Fronuo silk hand-painted wallpaper is the high-end custom hand-painted wallpaper. The patterns include Chinese fine brushwork flower-and-bird paintings, European landscapes, freehand flowers and birds, freehand landscape, etc. Bold innovations are made on the traditional wallpaper. The elegant pictures with rich content are represented on the luxurious and beautiful silk fabrics. It is a symbol of wealth, culture and literacy. Users can also customize the products according to their preferences. It leads the trend of indoor cultural and artistic decorations worldwide.Not only to the room to bring a wealth of artistic infection, but also to bring the owner of the collection value.


 Chinese and WesternClassical and modern
Passionate and graceful
Tough and soft
Every life philosophy
Are hidden in Zhendi Wallcoverings


Suzhou Zhendi Wallcoverings exhibition site location map


2017 Suzhou Zhendi to the future of the year, Zhendi wallpaper to attract a large number of people concerned about the show, many visitors are come here especially, Zhendi wallpaper crowded, come to visitors flocked.


 In the face of foreign customers, real board chairman Lin Yiqing personally launched, while the introduction of our products, while difficult to answer questions.



 Live atmosphere


Reception of the wall before the booth to visit, consult, visit the crowd to see more, they enjoy the exquisite display panels from time to time, visit Zhendi wallpaper over the years received the honor, hand feel the texture of real products, with the real channel manager and Merchants manager to talk, really understand all aspects of realty.



Overseas designers also went to the scene, for customers to introduce products, and customers to communicate enthusiastically.

The new year, Zhendi's family of the people unite as one, stick to the open and inclusive attitude strides forward. On the way forward we are willing to work with you in the future development of the emperor Fang Qiu, blooming light.

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